Flores Online

Flores OnlineFounded in 1998 by Casarini family, Flores Online was the first flower and gifts distributor to provide online sales in Brazil, reaching today the leading position in this segment. The company differentiates itself by the quality, creativity and variety of products, and in addition, presents an operational, marketing and financial efficiency model as well as rising brand value.

In 2012 Flores Online received the contribution BR Opportunities and U.S. company 1-800 Flowers, which has a global presence and operates in the same segment of Flowers Online. Besides the synergy between companies, another important factor that motivated the investment was the potential of entrepreneurs and expandability and scalability of this model.

Leading company in the natural food retail industry (confidential)

Has been operating since 1979 and with steep expansion recently as result of its portfolio diversification and new distribution strategy. The investment was made in April 2013.


MMMDPZ is a holding for consolidation of the pizzerias industry oriented to A and B classes in Brazil, segment with potential to expand through brand segmentation as well as geographically. Besides the acquisition of Maremonti, other targets are being analyzed, mainly in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.