Private Equity

Over 33% of the private equity investors from emerging markets should be investing in Brazil over the next two years, in light of the outlook for improved income distribution. This will open a new array of opportunities in business segments.

And to transform this model into a working arrangement, we plan and develop unique strategies for each business that we adopt. Using this methodology, we seek to clearly define the main strategies for accelerated growth. These include:

  • Raising the capital to finance the company’s strategy;
  • Creating a leading, high-impact organization;
  • Performing all professional management and working directly on operations such as internal control, risks, process creation, systems, corporate governance and compliance;
  • Developing transparency and accountability;
  • Promoting networking as a development tool;
  • Creating a business culture in which managing results and operating securely are fundamentally important;
  • Adding value to the organization;

The medium-sized market is substantial and includes a large number of companies with high growth rates.

This is how BR Opportunities operates: by seeking new businesses with good prospects, always preserving credibility and respect for all organizations.


BR Opportunities’ approach to creating value at organizations includes its pro-active participation in their management by implementing the following principles:

  • Active involvement in selection and coaching of the management team
  • Participation in and approval of the main tactical and strategic decisions: investment in acquisitions, financing operations, launch of new products and entry into new markets
  • Appointment of the financial director, if necessary
  • Advisory support for the implementation of successful corporate governance models
  • Expansion of the entrepreneur’s network of business contacts, allowing for the inclusion of the organization and its professionals in significant business networks as well as the formation of partnerships and alliances
  • Constantly challenging the organization to ensure that it “thinks big” and seeks a leadership position in its sector
  • Constantly monitoring the organization and getting periodic feedback from leading investors


BR Opportunities’ Competitive Advantages

  • Improved performance adjusted to risk
  • Exclusive focus on the segment of emerging, high impact companies
  • Leading investors are successful entrepreneurs who pool their experience and good practices
  • Robust and attractive pipeline resulting from privileged access to investment opportunities
  • Application of investments for expansion of companies (cash-in) as opposed to compensation of current shareholders
  • Emerging fund: streamlined decision making, organizational flexibility and more motivated managers
  • A dedication to Excellence
  • A talented and experienced team benefiting from the guidance of a renowned advisory board
  • Alignment with investor interest. Partners of the managing company invest their own resources in the fund, together with investors.