About Us


BR Opportunities – Growth Capital Investments is a private equity fund manager that drives emerging, high-impact companies for the improvement of Brazil. Its mission is to invest in high-impact organizations,accelerate their growth and transform them into effective leaders in their markets of operation. In pursuit of this goal, its strategy is to bring to these organizations management and professional governance, while enhancing their visibility, transparency and network of relationships. Based on this approach, we implement successful models of high added value.

Founded in 2010 by Carlos Miranda, BR Opportunities believes in innovation, and sustainable, exponential growth as ways of arriving at a successful model, and to this end we conduct in-depth analysis and study. The Growth Capital dynamic is geared to positioning these organizations in leading roles, transforming them into models of innovation and growth, and generating even greater value for shareholders and investors as quickly as possible.

The leading investors of the BR Opportunities Fund are major Brazilian and foreign entrepreneurs seeking to replicate their successes.


The BR Opportunities team believes in work that is done with transparency, and in organizations with clear objectives that are precisely defined. BR Opportunities values the unique business culture of each organization, and works side-by-side with entrepreneurs who have already achieved a certain level of success, but who seek to accelerate the growth of their organizations securely to bring their business to a new level.


BR Opportunities selects its investments based on rigorous criteria and well-defined filters. There are several factors that make an organization attractive for Growth Capital investment:

Models with high growth rates:

The growth rates of an organization that determine the speed of its growth, compared to the growth of the economy and sector in which it operates,, is an important variable for Growth Capital investment. The foundation of this growth should be a set of sustainable competitive advantages that perpetuate this effect over the long term.

Exceptional Entrepreneurs:

Leadership, capacity for execution, passion, proven success, ethical reputation and the cohesiveness of the management team are some of the characteristics we seek in entrepreneurs heading the organizations we want to associate with.

Innovative Models:
An innovative model should not be construed solely as activities involving IT, Internet and biotechnology. It is possible to find these models in traditional activities as well, as long as they are actually engaged in innovative activity. What attracts BR Opportunities is innovatoin that: presents a clear advantage with respect to the previous generation, can be easily assimilated into the user’s daily life; is observable; has a low experimentation risk; and allows for product/service tests before its purchase.

Models that generate scale:

Replicable models allow for exponential growth and gains on greater scales. Replicating a model makes it possible to accelerate the learning curve, adjust operations, dilute operating costs and expand its area of operation to win over new markets.